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1.en.7 class routines: summary, old notebooks, new laptops and note taking tips

October is drawing to an end. We have been together for more than one month so, by now, class routines should be well established.

All over the world, students and teachers face lessons with similar routines. Whether using latest generation laptops or old notebooks, routines  are repeated actions which take place in most classes. Watch this video and spot similarities and differences  between our  classroom routines and the ones in this African school.

Say whether the following statements are true or false. Explain the differences.

  • In both schools there are greetings at the beginning of the lesson
  • In both schools a  student takes the lead and focus classmates attention on the day’s task
  • In both schools there’s some time left at the end of the lesson to reflect on learning

Can you contribute with any other findings:

  • clothes
  • classroom equipment
  • music
  • atmosphere

Do you remember where to look at a summary of class routines?  Check  the top bar, in the section devoted to English.

Now, let’s do this self assessment test. It will help you improve your class note taking routines

Yes/No/ Need to improve

  1. Do I use punched holes sheets?
  2. Do I write the date and the session every time I have a lesson?
  3. Do I have separate sections for DAILY SUMMARIES/ VOCABULARY/ CLASS NOTES?
  4. Do I write a title for every activity? e.g., Description of my house
  5. Do I use clear references (title, date and number of post) when your notes are related to a Bla,bla, bla post?
  6. Do I number pages?
  7. Is my handwriting legible ?
  8. Do I leave margins?
  9.  Is my notebook neat and organised?
  10. Do I have a plastic folder to keep handouts?

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