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2.en.17 Ratings, film reviews and spoilers

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This week, after watching Matilda in class,  you learnt to search information about films in the Internet.  We used two sites Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. There are many more, but these two are a good start. In these sites you can read film reviews written by  critics but also by users of the site who like to post their opinion. Ratings reflect the number of people who actually watched a particular film and gave it a mark. Matilda, so far, has been  rated by 60.549 IMDb users   . According to IMDb users, Matilda deserves a 6’6. First ESO E students thought it deserved a higher mark. A quick class survey resulted in a 7’5. Rotten tomatoes rating was closer to our mark.

In these film sites, you can also find out detailed information about films: cast, director, soundtrack. You can also read synopsis and summaries. Before watching a film, you should not read synopsis that contains spoilers, as it  can ruin all fun. Here is a sample of a summary that does not contain spoilers. (spoilers reveal the ending of a film or relevant parts of the plot, thus destroying the fun and enjoyment of suspense)

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