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3.en.23 More migrant stories

Read in the BBC web site these four stories about migrants’ journeys and take notes.

Which story interested you most?

Omar, Staf, Ahmed, Om?

What are their countries of origin?


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3.en.22 Reading and summarising

While your classmates take the oral exam, you will work on this BBC article about India. There are ten different aspects of the country which are addressed in the text. Read the whole article and summarise the ten main ideas.

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3. en Making choices: follow three refugees on their journey and decisions they must make

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3.en.22 You can explore daily life in Camp Damiz refugee camp in northern Iraq

About 64.000 kurdish Syrian refugees have sought shelter in Camp Damiz in Iraq. Follow one of the arrows and find out more.

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3.en.21 What’s it like going to school in a refugee camp?

You have been working in groups on different on going conflict areas. You had to find out data  on different aspects: death toll, casualties; displaced people.

In this short video from the BBC, you will be able to hear some testimonies of Syrian kids that are now living in refugee camps.

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3.en.20 War and conflict

We have already discussed what the causes of conflict and war might be. In this interactive map you can locate on going conflicts and wars. In the site you will also find what the different icons stand for according to colour and size. By clicking on them you will get information on the conflict. We shall be using the map in class.Captura de pantalla 2015-04-30 a la(s) 6.37.22 AMNow, listen to this you tube video and identify in the map the 10 active wars that are mentioned.

3.en.19 A Vindication of the printed book in Spanish, Catalan and English

Five years ago, inspired by a Spanish you tube video that went viral, a group of 4th ESO students from European Sections recorded their vindication of the printed book experience in Catalan. Also, Molly, our American assistant teacher at that time, recorded in two short videos the English version of “book”  to celebrate Book day.Captura de pantalla 2015-04-21 a la(s) 8.16.19 PMCaptura de pantalla 2015-04-21 a la(s) 8.15.54 PM

Captura de pantalla 2015-04-21 a la(s) 8.12.43 PM

Five years later, let’s “retrieve data” to pay  homage to printed books.  In this pdf you will find the transcript. Maybe you’d like to  memorise it (one line each)  and put it on stage as the students of 4th ESO did 5 years ago. You are really good as choreographers, so  let’s see…  something really fun might come out of it. Good Luck!

Here follow the Spanish viral video, the Catalan version staged by European Section students and Molly’s English contribution.


3.en.18 Slum dog millionaire follow up activity: slums, sanitation and peepoople

Watch this video about peepoople, an initiative that tries to tackle the problem of lack of sanitation. Then, do the activities in the pdf document you will find in slide share.

2.en.18 Exam revision

Do not let this happen to you. 648-1 (més…)

1.en.17 Winter Solstice

We hope you enjoyed this morning walk  that began with the observation from the Baluard de Sant Pere   of  the beautiful luminous phenomenon that takes place  every  Winter Solstice when, in clear days such as today,   the rose window of  Palma Cathedral is illuminated from the rising morning sun in the East. Getting up early was worth it, wasn’t it?

Your teachers wish you a happy new year!DSCN0018DSCN0030