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2.en.20 Vacations are over. Time to book a flight to an exotic destination

Hi, everyone! this is the first post after Christmas. Some of you travelled really far during your vacations, as far as  Costa Rica or  Australia. The lucky ones told us about their trip.  The ones that were not so lucky got the chance to travel virtually during English lessons. Every one chose a travel destination and booked a flight using a web site called Kayak.

Captura de pantalla 2014-01-21 a la(s) 9.34.40 PM

Here follow three  videos  that will help you revise the vocabulary you learnt  when  your classmates  told you what their journey. They will   help you lerant  procedures you should be familiar with if you want to catch a plane.

The first one focuses on the steps you should follow at  airports

This one focuses on planes and flights: crew, runway, flight attendant; pilots, cockpit, cabin; take off; land; trolley; baggage; luggage

Can you guess how many people are flying up there? listen to this video and find out.

Finally, the third one is a mini lesson. A teacher revises different aspects of going on a vacation.

Check that you understand the following words: journey, airline, trip, currency, passport, customs, boarding card, luggage, baggage, sight seeing, tourist attraction, tourist trap

Homework. 3rd February:

  • Watch the three videos. Take notes of the difficult words in your notebook. Practice repeating  the audio, focusing on pronunciation. 
  • Plan a  seven day trip  for Easter vacation. Destination; Airline; Price: Airport; Length;Time.
  • Also, remember to check the weather to decide what to pack. Make a list of the things you would take with you.