3.en.11 Technology shapes the World

1. Michio Kaku & Robots

Let me introduce you to American physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku. Dr. Kaku works in the field of theoretical physics, just as Einstein, and he has devoted much of his time to think about how things will be different for us in the future. If you’re interested you can visit his website:



2.es.36. Teatro posterior a la guerra civil


Pronoms febles, encara un poc més….


3.ca.20. Combinació de pronoms febles. Col·locació dels pronoms.


2.es.35. Poesía posterior a la guerra civil

Luis Antonio de Villena. Década de los 70 (més…)

3.en.10 Visiting the past

Is it possible to visit the past?

Look at the image below. What do you think it could be?


2.es.34. El léxico de la economía