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1.en.8 Brands, advertising and viral ads

With Julian, your Spanish teacher, you have been working with car ads, haven’t you? You have learnt to analyse the meaning hidden in images.

Some of you have made really great comments on visual texts. In English, we are going to focus on new ways to advertise things.  Do you know what brands are? What about viral ads?

You all know what tipp-ex is, don’t you?  But you probably don’t know that tipp-ex is a brand name. Go to Wikipedia and find more information about this product:

  1. 2.How old is it?
  2. 3.What is the reason for having that name?
  3. 4.What is a brand? 
  4. 5.What is tipp-ex? How can we avoid using the brand name?
  5. Can you think of any other products known by their brand name?

Brands use advertising to promote their products. In 2010,  tipp-ex launched a very successful advertising campaign. The ad was an example of viral marketing (it became very popular in you tube and got thousands of viewers in a short time).

The viral ad starred a hunter shooting a bear. You can interact with the hunter and decide what to do with the bear. Give it a try!

Well, it seems that after 2 years, the bear and the hunter became really good friends and they celebrated it. Maybe two years of friendship.

Again,in 2012,  tipp-ex used  another interactive add. You can type a year and travel in time. Decide in which year you’ll celebrate the party with the bear and the hunter.

I tried 1200 and 1956, which is the year when I was born, and it was really fun. Type a year and write your comments on your notebook.

Key words: campaign; ad; viral, brand; interact; viral marketing.

By the way, I remind you that you can enjoy tipp-ex, but tipp-ex is forfidden in your notebooks.

Homework: D&E Tuesday 5th November.

Copy the questions  (1 to 5) and answer them in your notebook. Write your  comments on the two tipp-ex ads in your notebook