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2.es.36.Recursos literarios (3) de pensamiento. Valores simbólicos del viaje


2.es.35. PROGRAMA T2



1.en.17 Winter Solstice

We hope you enjoyed this morning walk  that began with the observation from the Baluard de Sant Pere   of  the beautiful luminous phenomenon that takes place  every  Winter Solstice when, in clear days such as today,   the rose window of  Palma Cathedral is illuminated from the rising morning sun in the East. Getting up early was worth it, wasn’t it?

Your teachers wish you a happy new year!DSCN0018DSCN0030

1.es.34. Recursos literarios (2) de pensamiento. Metonimia, Símbolo, Antítesis, Hipérbole VISUALES


1.es.33. Recursos literarios (1) de pensamiento. REPASO Y APLLICACIÓN AL VIAJE


1.en.16 Verb tenses: Past simple


In the last exam, many of you had  problems using basic verb tenses  accurately. Before and during Christmas, you will have to revise grammar contents. Lets start with past tenses. (més…)

1.en.15 Let’s go to the movies!

youre-in-the-movies-logo-490Year 2014 is drawing to an end and you have already sat the second term exam so it’s time to change a bit. This week we shall watch a film together. Last year we watched 3 films and learnt to talk about them. Here follow the Booglesworld handouts we used to learn how to talk about movies.  (més…)