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1.en.11 Visit to Es Baluard and Santa Catalina neighbourhood

Next week, Tuesday the 5th of November, we shall visit Es Baluard and St Catalina neighbourhood. Es Baluard is a good example of an old building which has been recovered and given a new use. The name itself, Es Baluard, gives you a hint of its old function. Nowadays it has been transformed into a museum. A dossier will be given to you to take notes and carry our some observation activities. You will be working in groups. Julián has made the groups in 1esoE and Bernat in 1esoD. Next Thursday, in our outing to the Cathedral  and the old town, groups and group leaders will be the same.

Visiting a museum on line can not substitute a first hand experience. Virtual reality is not  the same as real life. However,the web site of Es Baluard is a good option to revisit  it  (visit it again in a virtual way) and get information about what we shall see tomorrow (artists names, description of artwork and so on. You can also visit it to find out coming events. Here you have the link.  I’m sure you all understand what “current” means, don’t you?

Before visiting the museum, we shall go for a walk in Santa Catalina. Santa Catalina is one of Palma’s neighbourhoods. Last week we went up to the tower and observed the views. Santa Catalina is situated towards the West. Look at this map and check its position. In this map you can see the faint white line that circles the old historic city (inside the city walls). The historic city has grown and different neighbourhoods have developed surrounding the old city.