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Third Term



Third term: World conflicts 

 Past and current conflicts: causes and consequences

 Current conflicts: facts and figures: statistics: casualties and death toll, weapon expenditure

 Media coverage of current conflicts: headlines

 Web tools to locate and research world conflicts

 International aid and intervention in war conflicts: the role of governmental agencies and NGOs

 Personal narratives of people affected by war: the importance of word and image

 War as an opportunity for business: pre-, and post-war

 Give peace a chance: how to avoid war and overcome war

 War and its consequences in film, literature and music

 War in the digital age

Grammar: reported speech, sequencers, time markers, present perfect, modal verbs for obligation and deduction

Vocabulary: armed conflicts: weapons, censoring news, journalism, media, refugees

Phonetic: stress and intonation

Phonetics: silent letters

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