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Summer work

Summer work 2014 1st ESO  European Sections


  • On line exercises

During summer you should  do the following tasks. All of them have been taken from a British Council website called learnenglishteens. Here is the link


The tasks are compulsory for the students that did not pass in June and optional for those who passed.

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Most exercises can be downloaded in PDF format, in case you do not have internet access during summer. The exercises cover the topics dealt with in lessons. They are organized by skills. Writing, Listening, Reading. There are also vocabulary exercises. The level corresponds to a A1/A2.

Here follows the list of exercises you must do. Keep track of the work you do by  ticking the activities as  you do them.

Those of you who failed English in June  will have to hand in a paper copy of the activities the day of the exam in  September.

Copy in your notebook the task list. Organise your work in different sections: Vocabulary/Writing/Listening/Reading


  1. A restaurant menu
  2. Films and entertainment
  3. My city
  4. My town


  1. Introducing yourself in a blog
  2. A postcard from Scotland
  3. A recipe
  4. Film review


  1. Understanding numbers
  2. Spelling colours
  3. Spelling names
  4. Introducing a friend
  5. Describing people
  6. Interview with a swimmer
  7. Giving directions


  1. Daily routines
  2. Money
  3. Around town
  4. Shopping
  5. A room
  6. Restaurants
  7. School
  8. Appearance
  9. Meat and fish
  10. Kitchen
  11. Home
  12. Places in town
  13. Vegetables
  14. Meals and cooking
  15. Fruit
  16. Weather

Book : Prisoner in the Jungle, by Tim Vicary

Your tutors, Núria or Bernat , will give the students who did not pass English in June a book to read during summer. You must return it in September, together with the exercises and a reading file. Remember not to  write in the book. Keep a list of new words and do the activities on a different  paper.

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Enjoy Summer!!! See you in September

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