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Second Term



2nd ESO

Second term : Megacities 

 Urban development: past, present and future of cities

 Utopian worlds

 Urban vs. rural lifestyles

 Urban growth trends: factors, sustainability

 Megacities: facts and figures: size, population density; challenges: infrastructures, services, supplies, waste

 Stories of city dwellers in films, literature and songs

 Vertical growth vs. urban sprawl

 Internet tools and websites about urban growth

 Predicting the future of urban growth and population

 Graphs: transferring data into images; reading graphs

 City landmarks

 Remarkable buildings: the rise (and fall) of skyscrapers

 The skyscraper race

 High rise buildings: challenges and dangers

 Virtual visits to megacities (blogs, institutional websites, adverts and logos)

Grammar: large figures, revision of ordinal and cardinal numbers, comparatives and superlatives, adverbs, relative pronouns, possessive pronouns, revision of past tenses, future tense, passive tenses, modal verbs for advice

Vocabulary: cities, building, infrastructures,

Phonetic: vowel sounds and diphthongs

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