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English summer work

Summer work 2015 2nd ESO European Sections


  • Tasks

During summer you must do the following tasks. All of them have been taken from a British Council website calledlearnenglishteens. Here is the link


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These tasks are compulsory for those who did not pass English in June and optional for the rest.

Most exercises can be downloaded in PDF format, in case you do not have internet access during summer. They are organized by skills. Writing, Listening, Reading. There are also grammar videos ,vocabulary exercises and photo captions in the Study Break section. The level ranges from A2 to B2

Here follows the list of exercises you must do. Print this post or copy it in your notebook in order to  tick the activities  as you do them. It will help you keep track of your work.

In September, those of you who have to sit the exam  will have to hand in a paper copy of the activities you did.

Skills Reading

  1. Travel Guide
  2. Are celebrities bad for you
  3. Adventure travel
  4. Are zoos a good thing?

Skills Writing

  1. A short story ( write your story in the downloadable paper)
  2. An opinion essay (do the activities in the site and then write about this topic:“Travelling is an opportunity to learn new things”
  3. Writing about a survey. (Do the exercises and write your report in the downloadable paper)
Skills Listening

  1. Important people
  2. Amazing facts
  3. My favourite film
  4. Difficult situations

Vocabulary and Grammar

Grammar videos

  1. Question words
  2. Comparatives and Superlatives
  3. The past simple
  4. Conjunctions: and, or, but, so, because and although

Study break. Photo captions

  1. Choose three of the photos and write a caption and a brief description (about 75 words each)


  • Reading9788853008091

Your tutor will give  a book  to the people who failed. Read the book Rip Van Winkle and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. (Do not write on the book. Do the exercises on a different piece of paper)

Write a reading file and bring the book the day you take the September exam.

Enjoy Summer! See you in September

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