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1.en.01 It’s a pack of lies

lie detector

Spotting the Liar

Could you tell what signs a person gives out when she is lying?

Watch the video below and check, how many did you guess right?


3.en.14 Art

What is art?



1.en.5 Gender sterotypes

Images used in the  media to portray men and women are essential to build up our perception of gender stereotypes. Some brands have adopted new strategies such as challenging  gender stereotypes brand  themselves have contributed to build up. Building up women’s confidence and self esteem is part of their aim.

Always is a brand of sanitary pads. Therefore,  it is not difficult to guess what their target group is. Last June it launched a campaign that went viral. Have a look at the video.  Do you think it is effective? Did it make you reflect? If you had been asked to run like a girl what would have been your answer?


1.en.4 Identity: Who am I ? Stereotype? stereotyped?

Captura de pantalla 2013-10-27 a la(s) 8.15.35 PMUnit one revolves around the topic of identity.  It is very difficult to find straightforward answers, isn’t it?

What are the elements that make you the way you are?

Genes? Education? Family? Environment? background? (més…)

3.en.18 Slum dog millionaire follow up activity: slums, sanitation and peepoople

Watch this video about peepoople, an initiative that tries to tackle the problem of lack of sanitation. Then, do the activities in the pdf document you will find in slide share.

2.en.18 Exam revision

Do not let this happen to you. 648-1 (més…)

1.en.16 Verb tenses: Past simple


In the last exam, many of you had  problems using basic verb tenses  accurately. Before and during Christmas, you will have to revise grammar contents. Lets start with past tenses. (més…)