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2.en.05 The Evolution of Communication


How you ever wondered how much human communication has changed since the development of language?

In this post we are going to explore some of the inventions and discoveries that have had an impact on the way people exchange their ideas.

Also, with the help of the reading materials you have, you’ll have to create an infograph showing how communication technology has evolved since language was first created by humans.

In order to help you, first have a look at these infographs: (you can click on them to go to the original source)






Have a careful llok at the last infograph, A brief history of telecommunication and answer the following questions:

a) What is telecommunication?

b) What role does telecommunication play in our lives?

c) Why was the progress of communication so slow at the beginning?

d) What are the advantages of smart phones?

e) How will communication change in he future?

Click on the infograph to get some help.

Now, let’s find out what have been the crucial developments in the history of communication and the changes they brought about:

You must be more than ready to start thinking in your infographic. To create yours, you can make use of any of the following tools – there are many of them, so these below are just a suggestion. You can do a google search to look for more: (in case you need some tips about how to make your infographic cool click here, 12 Infographic Tips)






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