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1.en.02 Getting to know others

Have you ever wondered how important is having people who love and support you?  We are going to explore the world of social relations and try to understand why we need people around.

Let’s start by watching a short film:

Could you think of a title for the film?

What does the film show?

Is there anything wrong with him?

How do you think the young man feels?

Six Degrees of Separation

Family & Relationships

A major part of our lives concerns our relationships and dealing with other people. Fulfillment in our social interactions can contribute to leading a satisfying and successful life.

Click on the images below to revise some vocabulary about family and relationships

View More: http://ckgphotography.pass.us/hatfield


Now you can try some exercises:

  1. RELATIONS            2. Dating, Love & Relationship     3. Relationships (Phrasal Verbs)

4. Love & Relationships

Humans are social animals and being with others makes us feel comfortable. Social groups help individuals to face the threats of living. Look at the pics below, what groups do they portrait?

My Family

Have you ever wondered whether all families are like yours? Many times people feel difficult to cope with what happens with their own families and believe the situation is very different in other families.

The truth is every family is different, just as every person is.

We are going to listen to some teens talking about was goes on with their families. Can you guess what things they are going to tell us?

Task 1

Get into small groupss

A) Make a list with the positive and no so positive comments these teens make about family life.

B) What comments do you agree most and least with? For what reason?

Task 2

Watch the short film below. It points out to a common situation in parents & children relationships. What is it?

In your opinion who is being selfish?

But are family relationships always that difficult? Read the article below:

Life on Planet teen

Your Neighbours

More than a third of people in the UK say they would not be able to pick their neighbours out of a line-up.

What about you? Do you know any of your immediate neighbours, in the sense of something more than exchanging ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good afternoon’ for example?

Read the article below commenting the results of a recent survey:

How well do you know your neighbours

But, what about you? Do you think you know your neighbours well. What would you be ready to to do for a neighbour?

Try the following quiz and be ready to comment the result in class:

Choose the answer that best reflects what you are likely to do in each of these various circumstances.

Are you a good neighbour

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