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1.en.01 It’s a pack of lies

lie detector

Spotting the Liar

Could you tell what signs a person gives out when she is lying?

Watch the video below and check, how many did you guess right?

Can you say whether the statements below are True or False, according to the clip?

1. Basically, humans tell lies in order to cheat on others
2. Left-handed people look to their left when they lie
3. Blinking profusely is a clear sign of lying
4. Liars tend to cover certain parts of their body
5. People who smarten themselves up a lot are telling the truth

Now, click on one of the pics below and read an interesting article about recent findings about how lies can affect your relationships.

Editorial style illustration of a business man or politician taking an oath. This is a two part illustration.the-telegraph




Read the quotes below. Which one do you agree most with? which you agree less with?



Quotes 2


boys lie

A word full of lies

Click on the images below to learn some new words related to lies 6 honesty.

Choose two of the verbs (or phrasal verbs) from the list on the left and three expressions of the list on the right (there are 4 pages!!) and think of five situations where you could use them.


Are lies acceptable?

Anyway, the fact is that we at some point in our lives we start lying and it seems impossible for us to stop. Hence we must admit that lies play an esential role in our social life. yes, but what makes then so easily acceptable?

Can you think of any reasons?

Compare your ideas with the text you’ll find clicking on the image below


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