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2.es.24. Argumentación. La analogía.


1.es.23. EX. Textos administrativos. INSTANCIA. RECURSO


2.en.05 The Evolution of Communication


How you ever wondered how much human communication has changed since the development of language?

In this post we are going to explore some of the inventions and discoveries that have had an impact on the way people exchange their ideas.


1.es.22. Realismo y naturalismo (3). Lectura y comentario de textos


2.en.04 A talk about refugees


On Monday 21st November we attended a talk about refugees by Joan Reventós, coordinator of the Catalan Comitee of UNHCR (ACNUR in Spanish).



1.es.21. Realismo y naturalismo (2). Características y autores

Resultado de imagen de benito pérez galdós (més…)

1.es.20. Realismo y Naturalismo. Características a partir de cuadros.