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1.mus.03 Greece

1. The divine origin of music

The music was for the Greeks the art of divine origin. This conception derives not only for the term music” (musiké, art of the Muses) but also the invention of instruments, created by the gods, and they trusted in the power of music to influence men. To the music were attributed magical powers, music could cure diseases, change behaviors and work all kinds of wonders.

In Greek mythology, the legends about the music and the gods that are associated with it, is one of the most abundant and attractive themes.
The god Hermes is credited with the invention of the lyre. According to legend, shortly after his birth he dumped his diapers and with a turtle shell built the lira. His brother Apollo was jealous because the sound of the lyre, and made a change by a herd of cows.
The god Pan, a hybrid between man and goat, built a flute with the body of his beloved nymph Syrinx which was converted by the gods in reeds

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