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1.en.15 Let’s go to the movies!

youre-in-the-movies-logo-490Year 2014 is drawing to an end and you have already sat the second term exam so it’s time to change a bit. This week we shall watch a film together. Last year we watched 3 films and learnt to talk about them. Here follow the Booglesworld handouts we used to learn how to talk about movies.   Unless you find the ones you used last year, print the set again and include them in your notebook. .

Homework: There are 3 tasks you have to complete using the templates. You must finish them before Christmas vacation

Are you familiar with the terms genre, plot, setting, climax, review?

Handout 1: Movie terms to talk about films

1.Choose a film you liked and answer the questions

Handout 2: Film cloze

2. Look at the terms  in the box. They are all related  to movies. Can you fill in the cloze?

3. What are the new terms you learnt? copy them in your notebook

Handout 3: a synopsis

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