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1.en.11 Migration: facts and figures

Watch this video about  migration and answer the following questions

1. The video talks about different types of migration. Explain with a few words the meaning of

  • Asylum seekers
  • Labour migration
  • Expert  migration

The video presents some figures about migration routes nowadays. Answer the following questions:

2. Where do most immigrants come from in the US?
3. Where do most  immigrants come from in  Europe?
4. Where do most immigrants come from In France, Portugal and Spain?  why?
5. Why is there a strong migration movement within Europe?
6. Why is sometimes migration seen as a threat?   the following aspects are mentioned in the video:

  • burden to the welfare system
  • different culture and religion
  • no integration

7. Which factor do you believe has a greater impact on people’s perception?
8. Can you counterargument? Can you highlight factors that consider migration a positive  phenomenon?
9. What have some countries done to restrict immigrants from coming to their countries?

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