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1.en.8 setting sail with the BBC: listening and vocabulary activities connected with travelling

to set sail means to start a sea voyage.  You currently working on your travel project. Are you ready to set sail or  maybe to take off?

Thanks to this excellent BBC pageCaptura de pantalla 2014-10-12 a la(s) 10.04.11 AM you will be able to find out what Phil, an unexperienced traveller wants to take on his round the world journey.

Captura de pantalla 2014-10-12 a la(s) 9.54.56 AM (més…)


desplazamiento            de dentro   a        fuera



desplazamiento            de fuera     a        dentro

1.es.11. LÉXICO. CAMPOS SEMÁNTICOS (2) Venir-Volver

ir de un lugar  al   lugar de partida

02. venir

1.en.7 The song of a compulsive traveller: I’ve been everywhere

“I’ve Been Everywhere” is a song which was written by Australian country singer Geoff Mack in 1959, and made popular by Lucky Starr in 1962. Johnny Cash  recorded the song in the USA in 1996 but adapted the toponyms to make them known to American people.  Listen to Johnny Cash song and follow the text while he sings. Take note of 3 new places you did not know of. Look for their location in a map. Share your findings with your classmates. Wednesday the 29th of October, our language assistant, Elia, will be with us. He is from Colorado.  Does  Cash mention Colorado in his song? You will have the opportunity to ask Elia about his home. It might be a good idea to find out if he is a compulsive traveller who’s been everywhere in the States. Listen to the son a couple of times and focus on pronunciation.

Different bands and singers wrote versions of the song adapted to their countries. There is even one in Catalan “He estat a tot arreu”


1.en 6 Instructions to carry out your travel project

The groups for the Travel Project have already been formed. You had one day to discuss the destination and the means of transport. This week you will have one class session to continue working. Here follow the instructions.


1.es.10. LÉXICO. Campos semánticos (1) IR-VIAJAR

moverse   de un lugar (aquí)   a    otro lugar (allí)