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1.en.4 Let’s take and orbital tour of cities at night

Last week many of you asked us to project a world map on the board. You were getting ready to set off on a journey with your group and wanted to discuss possible destinations. Thanks to technological advances, you can now have an unusual vantage point and orbit the earth on a satellite. Enjoy!


The narrator tells us the name of the city, the country and makes some comments on the pattern of lights and the colours. We do not want you to do any difficult homework, it is a long video, just concentrate on the beauty of the images and get used to how cities are pronounced in English.

We have included a list of the cities and places that appear in the video and  grouped them by continents. You have also a map, to give you the opportunity to situate the cities .


  1. Zurich, Switzerland
  2. Milan, Italy
  3. Athens, Greece
  4. Antwerp, Belgium
  5. Madrid, Spain
  6. London, England
  7. Cairo Egypt
  8. the pyramids
  9. the Nile
  10. Tel Aviv Israel
  11. Jerusalem
  12. Riyahd, Saudi Arabia
  13. Jedda, Saudi Arabia
  14. Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  15. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  16. oil field  fires near Kuwait city
  17. North west coast of India
  18. Karachi, Pakistan
  19. Manila, Philippines
  20. Yangon, Myanmar
  21. Hong Kong, China
  22. Busan, South Korea
  23. Fukuoka, Japan
  24. a fleet of fishing boats in the Korea Strait
  25. Tokio, Japan
  26. Nagoya, Japan
  27. Brisbane, Australia
  28. Sao Paolo, Brazil
  29. Mexico City, Mexico
  30. El Paso, Texas
  31. Phoenix, Arizona
  32. San Francisco Bay area, USA
  33. Miami, Florida
  34. Huston, Texas
  35. Los Angeles and San Diego, USA
  36. Wahshington DC, USA
  37. Las Vegas, USA

Here follows some of the sentnces you will hear in the video:

the cities of the Middle East are multicoloured and strikingly beautiful

Cities in Europe display a network of roads that radiate outwards like glowing spider webs

Some north American cities display a clear North,South, East,West grid pattern

We now have a database of 400.000 images of cities at night

Homework: Thursday 25th of November

  1. Choose a couple of cities you had not heard of and try to locate them in the map.
  2. Practice the pronunciation .
  3. Send a post to the blog with the 2 cities you have learnt to situate on the map.
  4. Which cities, if any, did you miss in the list?
  5. Any other comments?
  6. Did you like the images?
  7. Did you learn any geography?
  8. Are all the cities that appear on the video reflected in the map that opens this post?
  9. Which continent/continents are less represented?


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