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Music and Cinema


1. a. What’s a soundtrack? [5 points]
     b. Is a soundtrack the same as a film score? If not, why? [5 points]


2. Film music has different functions. Match the beginnings and the endings to make up correct sentences. [10 points]

1. It can create……. ….    a. … an emotion.
2. It can build up … …..   b. …quicker than words or pictures.
3. It can give us … ….      c. …a mood.
4. It can set … ….             d. …something about a character.
5. It can emphasize …     e. …suspense.
6. It can tell us …. ….       f. …feel sadness, happiness, etc.
7. It can make us …. ….   g. … the atmosphere of a country.
8. It can be …. ….             h. …information about a place.

3.  Complete the chart with the names of five important composers of soundtracks, 2 famous films they composed for and some characteristics of their music. [20 points]




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