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2.en.16 self-study sites to learn and revise vocabulary and grammar

Christmas is approaching. Some of you will  need to do some work to fix what you have learnt or to catch up.

Practise vocabulary connected with families. This site provides audio.

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In Agenda Web you will find exercises to describe people’s appearance and personality

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For grammar and syntax, you can do exercises from this website. They cover 1st ESO contents.

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In order to practise vocabulary and functions, you can check  this web site.  This second term we shall work describing people and families. We recommend you to look at unit 5: lessons 24 and 25 . Also unit 6: lessons 26 and 27.

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2.en.15 Useful templates from Bogglesworld to talk about movies

Booglesworld is a great website where you can find plenty of materials to improve your English.  in this post you will find a set of templates and models to talk and write about films. We shall work with them in class.  We have finished watching Matilda, haven’t we? You wrote summaries of some scenes. Now it is time to learn how to write a film review. We shall also talk about other films.

Print the set and keep them together in a plastic folder. Take them to class next week.

Homework: There are 6 tasks you have to complete using the templates. You must finish them by Friday 13th December

Are you familiar with the terms genre, plot, setting, climax, review?

Handout 1: Movie terms to talk about films

1.Choose a film you liked and answer the questions

Handout 2: Film cloze

2. Look at the terms  in the box. They are all related  to movies. Can you fill in the cloze?

3. What are the new terms you learnt? copy them in your notebook

Handout 3: a synopsis

4. Can you guess the names of the films?

5. Have you seen any of them?  Which ones?

6. Write a synopsis of the latest film you saw. (not Matilda)