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1.en.06 Some spelling practice

In the previous post we looked at the  English Phonetic alphabet that has 44 phonemes.

The English alphabet has 26 letters and most of you know  their names very well. However, there are some tricky letters that you sometimes mix up.

J and G and some vowels like  A, E pose some problems to Spanish students.

In English it is very common to spell names. In Catalan and Spanish it is not so common. It is essential to be able to spell your name properly in English.

Spelling your name and surname and understanding when someone spells it is part of the contents of this first term.

Remember how to ask

Can/could you spell your name, please?

How do you spell …………………?

What is the spelling of …………… ?

Let’s get some practice.

Homework for Thursday/Friday

Watch this excellent video. First, you will listen to people spelling their name. While you listen, try to write the names  down. Then, you will listen to the same people again, but  this second time you will be able to read the subtitles, so you can check you understood the spelling. It is quite fast, so you might need to listen to it more than once.



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